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Cell phone panic security system

Excellerate Security has taken personal security to a new level with the launch of Genie ICE, a cell phone based, geolocation, emergency notification system.

In today’s world, where people are constantly on the move, security and emergency response that is limited to one’s place of residence is no longer practical. In fact, people are more often than not away from their homes, and therefore at increased risk of falling victim to crime, or even just requiring emergency help.

Genie ICE is like taking your home alarm system with you in your pocket every time you leave home.

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You love this country, but you realise it's not safe. We understand and we can help.

If you run a business in SA you need security, with our range of services we have the solution for you.

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As the largest and most reputable specialist in event security in the SA we can help you secure your event.

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