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Security training

Excellerate Security is dedicated to raising professional standards in the security services industry by providing a comprehensive range of skills development programmes and training in all operational fields.

The Excellerate Security Training Academy is an industry leading institution with full PSIRA Accreditation and SETA that allows us to train our own staff and private individuals in the Grade Training required in the Security Industry. Excellerate Security is one of the first security organisations to have their internal training centre fully SASSETA accredited, not only as a training centre but in the delivery of short courses, skills programmes and full qualifications.

We offer a range of courses in various fields such as:

• Security and Specialist Security

      - National Key Point
      - Aviation
      - Port
      - Events

• Fire, Health and Safety

• Firearms and Relicensing

• CCTV/ Control Room Operator

• Dog Handler

• And more

View our course directory to see the courses and additional services we offer or click here to contact us for a quotation or consultation.

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