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Watchmen Community Cameras

Excellerate Security’s Watchmen Community CCTV Cameras were an industry first and have been extremely effective in reducing risk in the communities in which they have been installed.

These highly visible CCTV cameras perform three key functions.

  • Excellerate Security clients can “connect” their alarm systems to the nearest Watchmen community camera. If an alarm activation occurs on their property the Excellerate Security control room operator is immediately presented with live images from the related camera. This allows us to verify the alarm signals and respond based on what is seen.

  • Frequent “virtual patrols” are undertaken by our control room through all the cameras in the community. Any suspicious activity that our control room operators may notice is immediately investigated by our teams on the ground.

  • Footage is stored 24/7 for all cameras. This allows us to review to assist in investigating any incidents that may have occurred. There are currently 147 Excellerate Security Watchmen Community CCTV cameras keeping an eye on Durban suburbs.

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