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Remote Video Monitoring

We offer a fully integrated remote video monitoring platform, including the following:

Remote Video Verification

In a Remote Video Verification environment a client’s alarm and CCTV system is linked to our video monitoring platform. This gives our controllers access to live CCTV pictures as well as a pre-event video clip each time there is an alarm activation. Our controllers are then able to verify the cause of the alarm immediately and provide an appropriate response based on this.

In the event of a positive break-in, they would dispatch multiple vehicles as well as SAP and other state services. They can also activate lights, release pepper spray or perform an “audio talk down” where they can verbally warn the intruders to leave the site immediately via onsite speakers.

Virtual Patrols

Our virtual patrols are utilised instead of or in conjunction with physical guarding services. This is a process whereby our operators are presented with video pictures from a site based on a pre-defined schedule.

This schedule is defined based on the particular site requirements. The virtual patrol is presented sequence from key cameras and patrolled in the same way a physical guard would work around a site. If any suspicious activity is detected during the patrol the operator would dispatch the necessary response services immediately.

RVV in Action

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