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Genie ICE

Genie ICE Mobile Panic App

Excellerate Security has taken personal security to a new level with the launch of Genie ICE, a cell phone based, geolocation, emergency notification system. In today’s world, where people are constantly on the move, security and emergency response that is limited to one’s place of residence is no longer practical.

In fact, people are more often than not away from their homes, and therefore at increased risk of falling victim to crime, or even just requiring emergency help. Genie ICE is like taking your home alarm system with you in your pocket every time you leave home.

The Genie ICE application, which is powered by Ice PLUS, is free to download to any mobile phone or tablet, there are however service charges applicable for the use of the service. It works with either GPS (Global Positioning System) or LBS (Location Based Services) and in just two taps will send an alert message to Excellerate Security’s control room, where operators will assess the nature of the emergency and then dispatch the appropriate response to exactly where it is needed.

Excellerate Security director Gary Tintinger said the Genie ICE panic button differed from the scores of GPS applications currently available for download as it was the only one in the country to be integrated seamlessly into the alarm monitoring and armed response infrastructure of a security company.

And it was superior to the "panic button-type" speed dials on offer from other security companies as it gave a precise GPS location of the emergency. Tintinger explained that Genie ICE is can best be explained as a three tiered emergency response system. "Firstly when the panic signal comes through to our control room all of the clients details are presented to the operator, so we know who they are. Secondly the GPS component presents the operator with client’s exact location on Google Maps, so we know where they are. Thirdly between our own operational resources and our database of third party service providers as well as SAPS and other emergency service agencies we can dispatch a wide range of services to provide emergency assistance. Think of it as your personal Emergency Genie on 24 hour standby" He said. Another benefit is that even residents who are contracted to other security companies can have the additional layer of mobile security at a nominal monthly fee.

"The Genie ICE panic button is available to anyone, even if they do not live in an area which is serviced by Excellerate Security. Signing up for the service is also simple and merely involves filling out your personal details, registering for the service, and downloading the application," Tintinger said.

There are further benefits to the Genie ICE panic button as users are able to log special emergency instructions with Excellerate Security. This includes who needs to be contacted in case of emergency, as well as specific emergency responses that may be required.

Tintinger explained: "For example, if I am away for the weekend hiking in the mountains, or competing in an extreme cycle race, I can inform the control room of this prior to departure. I can tell them that for any specific period of time the chances are high that if I do press the panic button on my phone, the assistance I more than likely require is medical."

But even in the event that no special instructions are logged, and a Genie ICE user is out of an Excellerate Security area of operation – such as in another province - the security company’s highly-trained control room operators will locate nearby emergency services, including SAPS, and alert them to the user’s call for emergency help. And just as with a home alarm system, the only way a panic alert can be cancelled is with a challenge code, Tintinger added.

"Basically, this App is an additional layer of security. It takes the security of a home alarm system and makes it mobile. There are many GPS apps out there, and there are many services that offer ‘panic’ calls via a speed dial number. There are also those that send alerts out to specific friends and family members. "But this Genie ICE app is different as it combines all of these capabilities, and then links them to a security and armed response company’s control room. There is nothing else like it in the country."

To download the app go to: Security or type the following code into your mobile device to register by USSD: *120*25378*3636723#

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