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The expression “No man is an island” is especially apt in the security context. From the mid 90’s the upsurge in crime and reduction in efficacy of our national police service resulted in an increased demand for a community based security offering. Excellerate Security pioneered community security and has been at the forefront of meeting this demand for the past 15 years. Our resultant experience and success in the field of secure residential estates, Urban Improvement Precincts and secure residential suburbs, is now well known and we are considered leaders in this field.

Experience shows that a savvy community equipped with the right technology working in partnership with a professional service provider is a safe community. We therefore encourage communities to work together, and for neighbourhoods to interact and exchange information. We believe in a combination of strategies to combat crime and have an extensive, proven range of community focussed products and services.

  • Commercial UIP | CID Projects

Funded by property owners through their municipal rates Urban Improvement Precincts (UIP) / City Improvement Districts (CID) create desirable and well managed public spaces by establishing private sector / municipal partnerships while delivering privately funded security, cleaning, maintenance and greening services. Through our strong relationships with commercial property owners and hotels we pioneered UIP security in CBD and beachfront areas

  • Residential Communities

Designed along the same principles of Commercial UIP / CID projects, Special Rateable Area projects are funded by property owners through their municipal rates. An NPO is established and a committee of residents (or managing agent) is appointed to use the additional funding collected through the rates system to fund additional community security and cleaning initiatives. There are significant difference in the risk profile between residential and commercial projects, through experience we understand how to best to manage the security in a residential community.

  • Secure Residential Estates

Since the 90’s the upsurge in crime and reduction in efficacy of our police service has resulted in increased demand for a secure residential estates. Excellerate Security has been at the forefront of securing these environment and is considered a leader in this field.

Our business philosophy is to treat each client as if they’re our only client – that means that in our world there is no such thing as “one size fits all”, rather we recognise that every estate has a unique set of challenges that require an individualised approach. Our strength is our ability to assess these unique situations and respond with the appropriate solution based on a combination of our wide range of specialist security products and services. We back this up with an extensive support infrastructure which is designed to intentionally and consistently deliver the highest levels of service.

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