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How To Burglar Proof your Windows

Crime is a part of everyday life in South Africa and a drive down any road in South Africa reveals houses brandished with high walls, spiked fences, CCTV cameras and various array of security measures.

Despite these extensive security measures, intruders are increasingly entering premises through windows, whether secured or unsecured. It has therefore become more necessary than ever before to pay more attention to securing windows.

Burglar bars are commonly used in households across South Africa to protect windows and are misconceived as being impenetrable. Although there are ways of reinforcing burglar bars, there are numerous ways to burglar proof your house without having to install burglar bars. Here are a few:

  • Install sensors on your windows. This will trigger your alarm when your windows are being tampered with
  • Remove louvre windows. Criminals have taken to removing these in order to gain entry. Replace these with solid glass windows
  • Install smash-proof windows such as laminated glass. These are stronger than normal glass and would require extreme effort to break
  • Lighting is an integral part of securing any window. Ensure that you have sufficient lighting around your windows.
  • Do not leave things in plain sight of the window such as keys, wallets, bags etc as this adds further temptation and suspects have been known to “fish” items out of open windows 

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