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Keeping Your Possessions Safe at the Beach

Holiday season is fast approach and no doubt you will be taking some time off to relax on the beach and enjoy the beautiful summers sun. 

The last thing that you need is to discover that your belongings have been stolen. Here are a few tips to keep them safe while you take a dip in the ocean:


1. Limit the valuables that you bring to the beach

Decide what items you really need at the beach and leave everything else at home or in your hotel room. If you need to take money to the beach then withdraw the amount of money you will need instead of taking your whole wallet/purse. 

2. Leave your belongings with a colleague while you take a swim

If you have gone in a group arrange to take turns staying with the belongings. If you are on your own, leave your things with a trustworthy person. Though this is not always advisable as you don't know who you can trust. It is suggested to look for older people or people with children. 

3. Hire a locker

Majority of beaches will have a facility where you can lock up your valuables for a fee. This is a safer and less stressful option

4. Keep your bag close

Should you decide to catch some rays after taking a swim, keep your bag in close proximity to you and somewhere where you can see it. 

5. Wrap your things in a towel

This takes the basic roll it up in the towel idea and adds the extra security of a hidden, zippered pocket. There are several different versions available, and you’re sure to find one that provides the peace of mind you need at the beach or gym.

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