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The Dog Poisoning Myth


Do criminals poison guard dogs?


The poisoning of dogs is a common occurrence in South Africa and is a precursor to crimes such as burglaries, robberies etc.

According to recent studies, hundreds of dogs are poisoned on a monthly basis. Unfortunately very few people are aware of this and only become aware of the issue after their best friend has been poisoned.

The most common drugs used to poison dogs are organophosphates, carbamate (Aldicarb, Temik, also known as Two-Step) and rat poison. Temik is fairly easy to identify and presents in the form of tiny black or bluish/grey granules, similar to gunpowder. Most rat poisons appear in pelleted or caked form. Other poisons are more difficult to identify as there is a greater variety. All reported cases of dog poisoning have revealed that poisons are presented to the dogs with food. Common presentations include polony, meat, fish, maize meal, or bread: all rolled in, or stuffed with the poison.

These drugs are fast acting, even if a miniscule amount is digested and it is essential that action is taken immediately. Symptoms include vomiting (often blood), confusion, excessive salivation, dizziness and disorientation, convulsions, seizures and weakness amongst others.


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