Creating environments where people and business can thrive

Excellerate Security and the Bulwer Community working together to fight crime.

Excellerate Security and the Bulwer Community Improvements Project (BCIP) in Davenport are making great strides in eradicating crime and establishing the area as a popular business hub. The partnership between Excellerate Security and BCIP has impacted positively on the community. "With our vast knowledge of Urban Improvement Precincts and our outstanding relationships with SAPS, we have been able to assist with “cleaning up the streets” of vagrants, prostitution and drug trafficking .This has ensured that businesses are once again attracting clients back into the area as there is now a greater sense of security," said Nikki Mohlmann, Community Projects Manager at Excellerate Security. Each ambassador has a panic button that links them to the Excellerate Security Armed Response Office so that if an incident takes place, they will have the backing of an armed response officer. "This partnership has seen businesses increase in the area and new businesses are moving into the area. The streets are now kept clean and any municipal related issues are now dealt with directly through the BCIP which is a registered NPO, therefore allowing business that support this concept to claim their contribution as a tax deduction," said Mohlmann.

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