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Airbnb and Safety

Airbnb and Safety

The current financial climate has seen many South Africans embracing the world of AirBnB where quick and easy money can be made by simply renting out unused space in their homes and on their properties.

It is a concept which has taken the world by storm and is seeing huge daily growth and millions of dollars in revenue changing hands. And for South Africans, the bonus of being paid at international rates is even sweeter.

But as with everything in life, precautions need to be taken, and due to the nature of AirBnB – which sees anybody able to rent out rooms in their homes to international tourists and even local travellers – safety is the first priority.


For this reason, Excellerate Security is urging South Africans making use of AirBnB, so take as many safety measures as possible, especially as they do not really know who will be living with them. This also applies to AirBnB guests preparing to stay in strangers’ homes.

Excellerate Security Managing Director Derek Lategan says the AirBnB concept is a great way for South Africans to not only make extra cash, but also to meet people from all over the world. However, because they can never really be sure that “Alison Smith” is really the 45-year-old UK mom she says she is, they will only really know their guests when they arrive at their doorsteps.

“So Ms Smith and her two daughters could actually turn out to be three men from anywhere in the world really. Although AirBnB does have certain safety precautions in place, including sharing photographs and reviews of its users, their identities not guarantees unless they have a Trust Badge, which means their identities have been verified by the company.

“Having said all of this though, most AirBnB stories are trouble-free. There have, of course, been a few exceptions.

Lategan says therefore, that home owners using AirBnB, need to take additional steps to keep themselves, and their families, safe.

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