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10 ways To Protect Youself From Card Swappers

Video Source: Times Media Live

Card Swapping is a method utilised by criminals to gain access to our bank accounts. They either distract you at an ATM or “clone” your card when you are not paying attention. Here are a few tips to avoid you becoming a victim of such a crime:

•When at an ATM be aware of your surroundings and the people walking around
•Keep an eye on your card at all times
•Do not allow anyone access to your secret pin
•Do not use an ATM in an open area or a badly lit area. Use an ATM that is enclosed in a shopping centre.
•Never keep a record of your pin on your card or a piece of paper in your wallet/bag.
•Keep your cash withdrawals to a minimum
•NEVER accept help from a stranger at an ATM and stand as close to the ATM as you can.
•Don’t allow your children to draw money or use your card, as they are often the target of card scammers
•When swiping your card, focus on your card being swiped and don’t look away or get distracted.
•Save your Banks’ call centre number on your phone. Therefore, if your card is lost or stolen you can immediately block your account from being accessed

ATM’s have become a popular feeding ground for criminals. From skimming cards to robbing you of the cash before or after you deposit, it is important to be on full-alert when visiting your bank or ATM.

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